A Businessman’s Straight Talk On Helping Inner City Youth

One of the biggest problems facing today’s youth is the fact that they are bored beyond belief by the “education” they receive in under-funded public schools. As a result the drop-out continues to climb in America’s poorest school districts. Many, including Mr. Cardone, a self-made multimillionaire agree that the answer to many of today’s most pressing social problems is to provide our youth with alternate educational opportunities that can lead them to brighter futures.

In an ideal utopian society all children may attend University and go on to enjoy careers as gainfully employed professionals, but let’s deal with reality. The reality is that most of these kids you see rioting in the streets will not be attending college any time soon. Instead of throwing up our hands, perhaps the answer is to provide them with skills they can use to go out and make a life for themselves without spending time and money on a second rate education that will leave them ill-equipped to thrive in today’s extremely competitive knowledge economy.